Blind Höna

Sedan 2001

When I stole the spotlight from one Gary Brooker, MBE

The Angler – Gary Brooker & The Palers' Band from Jonas Söderström on Vimeo. Every two year or so, me and a couple of friends from all over the world come together to play music. Specifically, the music of Procol Harum and Gary Brooker (of A Whiter Shade of Pale fame, of course). Last year, […]

It was fifty years ago today

Released May 12, 1967. Over 10 million copies sold worldwide (one of only 30 singles to do so.) The most played song in the last 75 years in public places in the UK (as of 2009). In 2004, recognised as the most-played record by British broadcasting of the past 70 years. A whiter shade of […]

Procol Harum med orkester på BBC

Fantastisk konsert på BBC med Procol Harum and BBCs symfoniorkester. Kan höras till 28 december.

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