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Imperfekt: Vi som älskade internet så mycket

3 januari 2019 | Ingen har kommenterat än

För ett drygt år sedan skrev jag om ”vi som älskade internet så mycket”, i posten Internetdagarnas åtta bitars-nostalgi är adekvat, men troligen omedveten (Blind Höna, 11 dec 2017).

Nu har Andrew Leonard, veteran från Wired, skrivit på medium om that’s why I loved the Internet so much.

Leonard börjar med att beskriva hur han sommaren 1993 ”fell in live with the Internet”, men hur han 25 år senare ”want to shake my news feed by the scruff of the neck and growl: Have you people learned nothing?!”

Han lyfter fram blockchain som det tydligaste symptomet på att ”the same utopian promises that bloomed during the Internet’s early days are back”.

”But if there is one thing that we should have learned from the history of the last 25 years, it is that digital networks and computers and code are no solution to human brokenness.

The indisputable fact — obvious to anyone who has studied the history of technology or simply been alive for the last 25 years — is that living, breathing humans will deploy any conceivable technology for both good and evil, for the realization of both freedom and tyranny, for greed and power, and just plain mayhem. The Internet gave white supremacists a voice denied to them for decades.”

Om dagens teknikentusiaster skriver han att de

” …are falling victim to exactly the same fallacies their hacker forebears embraced: this notion that we can code ourselves out of the deep holes we’ve dug; that we are building utopias in our virtualities that will finesse away the imperfections of human character.

It seems to me increasingly clear that we need to spend less time abstracting away our humanity and more time pressing the flesh. Instead of seeking out the anomie of decentralization, we need to figure out how to come together. To successfully deal with the failings of humanity, we have to spend more time with humans and less time thumbing our smartphones.”The Blockchain Is a Reminder of the Internet’s Failure, 5 dec 2018″



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