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Terri Roberts son klev in på en amish-skola i Pennsylvania och sköt ihjäl fem flickor – de yngsta sju år gamla, de äldsta tolv. Fem till skadades svårt, innan han sköt sig själv.

För familjen var det en chock. Charlie hade inte visat några typiska tecken på att var djupt störd.

”Charlie’s funeral was difficult for his parents and his wife, Marie, to organise: what undertaker, after all, would want to handle the burial of a man so loathed? Eventually, though, it was arranged. The family braced themselves for a media barrage.

Then something truly extraordinary happened – something that injects a glimmer of hope and faith and goodness into a story that is otherwise laced with horror and heartache.

As they walked through the churchyard, Terri remembers, she could see the telescopic lenses trained on them. ’We felt vulnerable – we knew everyone was looking at us. Then, from behind a shed, a group of Amish people appeared, men in tall hats and women in white bonnets. They fanned out into a line between the graveside and the road. They were protecting us from the media.’ ”

Flera av de som skyddade familjen var föräldrar till de barn som mördats.

”When the service ended, these people came forward, these lovely people whose eyes, like mine, were red with tears. The first ones to approach us were Chris and Rachel Miller, whose daughters Lena and Mary Liz had both died in their arms. And they said to me: ‘We are so sorry for your loss.’

There are no words to describe what it feels like when people who have suffered so much at the hands of your son reach out and say something like that, says Terri. It was an amazing thing to know that through their suffering they wanted to comfort us.’ ”
My son, the mass murderer: ‘What did I miss?’ Guardian, 28 nov 2015



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